خواطر 10 | الأكل المزيف | الحلقة 7

August 16, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Guide us to the Straight Path Fake Food In the name of God, the most Gracious, most Merciful [This is] something we do every day, something that many of us do without thought or meditation about its purpose or effects on our health, bodies, moods, and everything else I’m referring to food If you went to purchase food in the year 1900, this is what you would find All you would find is very basic items, natural and local produce, there wasn’t any manipulation of food stuffs The process of chemically treating foods was introduced in 1910 By the 1930s, frozen food became available The phenomenon of fast food emerged in the 1940s and became popular quickly Obviously fast food is chemically treated and not natural and generally unhealthy In 1994, food became even more manipulated with the introduction of genetically modified organisms In 2013 we have huge supermarkets and most of the food available in them is unhealthy As if it wasn’t not enough that we’re eating fake food, the food is even further manipulated when it comes time to marketing it There is a complete industry dedicated to making food look better than it looks or tastes in reality They are known as food stylists Notice that all of these buns, tomatoes, etc. are here to make just one burger. ‘The Perfect Burger’ How long do you think it took her to design and create the burger? In an actual burger, the lettuce is generally white but for the picture, we’re looking for the most vibrant lettuce leaf A poignant example of the link between nutrition and health is a restaurant in the USA… ‘The Heart Attack Grill’ This man summed up the episode in one sentence… The theme of the restaurant is such that you are dressed as a patient before you eat and if you weigh more than 350 pounds you eat for free, as if that is an exemplar that should be rewarded What do you think the burger looks like? 10,000 calories in one meal? That would be enough sustenance for 10 days I can’t tell whether he’s being serious or not… He’s saying that four people had heart attacks here and one died Supposedly they have the remains of the customer that died They’ve kept the remains of the customer that died to honor him because s/he loved this place I used to think that there were limits to madness, turns out that insanity is limitless The Prophet (PBUH) said that before a worshiper is laid to rest [in death] s/he is asked about four things One of these is your body and what made it decay, i.e. you are accountable to your body One of the most important organs in your body is your heart Did you know that eating unhealthy fast food once a week increases the chance of heart disease by 20%? Eating unhealthy fast food two to three times a week increases the chance of heart disease by 50%? Eating these kinds of food more than four times a week increases the chance of heart disease by 80%. One of the Islamic scholars has interpreted this hadith [saying of the Prophet PBUH] in that Allah holds us accountable and will ask us about how we took care of every organ in our bodies, including the heart Obesity, diabetes, heart and vascular diseases are all diseases directly linked to nutrition It’s expected that the nutrition habits that lead to these diseases will lead to seven to 12 years reduction in life expectancy, especially for the younger generations Bad food causes decay and damage to our bodies Even the meat in this burger has undergone such a huge facelift Some people think they can eat a fast food meal and burn it off through exercise with ease We’re going to try a practical experiment to see how much of a fast food meal can be burned in one hour of exercise So after a whole hour of exercise and feeling like you’ve exerted a lot of effort, how much of this [meal] have I burned? After one hour of exercise I can barely afford eat two bites of this meal and a small amount of cola Look the cup is still 3/4 full and about 3/4 of the burger cannot be eaten, and the apple pie is pretty much intact [Reading Walter’s daily food intake in Arabic] This is a representation of the effects of this food consumption on the body Aisha said the first thing to corrupt the umma [Muslim community] after the death of the Prophet (PBUH) was satiation. When the people became full, their bodies grew in size. When their bodies became large, their hearts grew hard and their desires and cravings became numerous It’s said that the secret to controlling all desires and temptations is by controlling your stomach and food cravings It’s important to be aware that most of the food we consume today is man-made, in labs. Industries strategize on how to make food as addictive as possible, such that you become addicted to it The food industry relies on three components to make food [delicious and addictive] to our minds They are salt, sugar and fat These are the three most important components used to make food so delicious you can’t stop consuming it All these components are beneficial [in moderate quantities] Let’s experiment with this piece of chips, something we and our kids consume everyday, What happens when we try to light it on fire? What does the fire burning indicate about the piece of chips? The [fact that the] chip continues to burn is a sign of the copious amounts of oil in it fueling the fire… There is even oil dripping as it burns This is called trans fat… an unhealthy unsaturated fat that [is mostly created artificially] and is one of the worst types of fat The body cannot handle this type of fat Look at it continue to burn This is what we are feeding ourselves and our children Look at what happens when we try to burn a healthy potato chip. We made these by roasting pieces of potato in the oven The potato chip won’t light because there is no oil, unlike the other chip Even the cheese we eat isn’t natural. In the USA they can’t even refer to American cheese as cheese – it’s called ‘processed cheese’ because according to the law anything less than 50% cheese is not cheese. The bulk of ‘processed cheese’ is chemically added ingredients, preservatives and flavors We wanted to try an experiment to see what happens to real cheese and processed cheese when we leave them to decay These are the results of the experiment. After 21 days the real cheese became rotten on the other hand, the fake, artificial and industrially produced ‘cheese’ has not decayed at all When something rots that means that it has life and benefit and the bacteria and mold was able to grow on it Whereas the fake ‘cheese’ has nutritional benefit and no life form was able to make use of it, not bacteria nor mold Only us humans consume this, it’s as [good as] eating plastic. Our bodies can’t digest and make use of these products Look at how the patty is cut to make it look bigger in the front [where the picture will be taken] Even the sesame seeds are put individually The process is so time-consuming and everything needs to be perfect. Each component needs to be pinned down and engineered to look bigger in the front where the picture is taken It took two whole hours to create a burger; and that’s not unusual [for food stylists] Let’s compare [her] burger to what an average burger looks like and how much time it takes This contrast really captures the heart of the matter This plain burger [cannot be compared] to this ‘styled’ burger which is used to market foods and intensify desires Even when people aren’t hungry they will salivate when seeing these advertisements Wow, there’s a huge difference [between the two]