🌡️ The REAL Causes of High Blood Pressure – PROTECT YOURSELF – By Dr Sam Robbins

November 3, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, I got a question the other day asking: I have high blood pressure and I want to lower
it naturally. However, as you stated in one of your previous
videos, “it’s best to first know the CAUSES of a problem, so we can reduce or eliminate
them and ALSO utilize natural and healthy solutions at the same time – you’ll get
much faster results, with half the effort.” I agree completely Dr. Sam and so, what are
the top causes of high blood pressure? I know it has to be genetics, since both my
parent’s have hypertension. What about diet, exercise, stress, hormones,
etc., etc. There are so many factors when I search google,
I’m confused as to where to start, who to believe or what to do. Thanks Yes, a major problem with the internet is
too much information and most of it is either wrong or contradictory. Two so-called experts can literally say the
opposite. And every clinical study can be refuted by
another clinical study. So, most of us become frustrated, feel hopeless
and thus, just give up or simply listen to our doctors and take the harmful drugs because
it’s easy and not complicated. However, most of us also know that using medications
ALWAYS leads to long-term problems. There’s no way around it. So yes, let’s lower your blood pressure
naturally. And some factors we can’t change – such
as genetics and aging. However, the correct life-style of eating
better foods and eliminating others, using specific exercises, stress management, optimizing
your hormones, taking clinically proven herbs and supplements… and so forth, can easily
turn “on” or “off” gene expression. Which is what’s called epigenetics. Thus, you have full control and can for sure
make dramatic improvements in your blood pressure at any age, which is great news. And with that said, I want you to watch my
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