25 Most INSANE Restaurants In The World

August 31, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Are you ready to hear about some of the most
awesome restaurants in the world? And by awesome, we mean absolutely insane! They say that food
brings people together, which is true, but now imagine that instead of eating in the
same boring restaurants all the time, when you took your friends out to bond over a meal,
your dinner would be served completely in pitch-black darkness. Sounds insane right?
Well, I’m Mike with List25 and that’s because these are the 25 Most Insane Restaurants in
the World! 25.
Kayabukiya Tavern At the Kayabukiya Tavern in Tokyo, you will
be served drinks by two Japanese Macaque monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. They are both
certified employees who receive their wages in the form of soya beans. 24.
The Human Banquet Some of you probably know that Nyotaimori
(meaning female body plate) is a popular method of serving sushi in Japan. Well, recently,
the Japanese took things to the next level by not just eating off of the bodies but by
eating the bodies themselves. Don’t worry; we’re not talking real cannibalism here; the
bodies are edible creations made in the kitchen by an artistic staff. At the table you are
provided with a scalpel and a plate. You and your party of faux cannibals are then left
to dissect the “body†and eat its innards. Beware, things can get messy as these
bodies “bleed.” 23.
New Lucky Restaurant Maybe in the United States it would be seen
as a bit morbid. In India however, a country with over a billion people, death and graveyards
are not as separate from society as in the west. So when Krsihan Kutti Nair started a
successful tea stall outside a cemetery in Ahmadabad not too long ago, and he needed
to expand, there was only one logical option…the space between the graves (painted green). 22.
The Pop-Up Diner The Italian town of Ferrara recently introduced
an interesting concept. For 60 Euros you can buy a dinner for two and then, on the scheduled
evening, receive a text disclosing the location of the meal/table, which inevitably will show
up somewhere on the historical streets of the town. 21.
Sounds of Silence The only diner on our list that is located
in the middle of the desert, this roofless dinner experience takes you into the middle
of the Australian Outback right next to Ayers Rock and gives you a view of the stars that
you could only dream of. 20.
Kinderkookkafe This Dutch family restaurant located in Amsterdam
is entirely staffed by children (almost). There are a couple of adults who supervise
everything, but the premise is simple. Part restaurant, part culinary school, and part
day care, parents drop their kids off in the morning and then return after work to enjoy
what their children put together. 19.
Robot Restaurant (Tokyo) Are you looking for a place to get more of
a show than a gourmet meal? Well, if you like flashy and vibrant lights and the idea of
giant fembots duking it out, then this Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is the place for you. 18.
Modern Toilet This popular chain of Taiwanese restaurants
gives patrons the pleasure of eating from a toilet bowl, all while seated on a toilet
bowl. Drinks are served in small plastic urinals, and although one would think that such a restaurant
would be a gross mess, it’s actually very clean. According to the owner, the point is
to shock and confuse the senses. 17.
Dinner in the Sky While they’re based in Belgium, this airborne
dinner party can be taken anywhere in the world; the company even has partners in 45
different countries. Diners are strapped around a table that is suspended in the air by cranes
and served by a small staff that that comes along for the ride. 16.
Unsicht-Bar The Unsicht-Bar, essentially meaning invisible
bar in English, is found in Cologne, Germany. There is no light allowed and before patrons
are led down into the pitch black dining area by their blind hosts, they must leave behind
cell phones, watches, and any other photon emitting electronics. 15.
Fortezza Medicea The Fortezza Medicea near Pisa, Italy, is
a 500-year-old fortress that presently serves as a maximum security prison…and a classy
up-scale restaurant. In order to dine at this popular location, guests generally have to
book reservations months in advance and then undergo intense security checks by the Italian
police. Once inside, they are served by robbers, murderers, mafia members, and even treated
to the virtuoso piano skills of Bruno, who is among those doing life for murder. 14.
Dick’s Last Resort Do you enjoy southern comfort food? How about
mild verbal abuse and super sarcastic and snarky servers? If you answered “yes” to both
of these questions, Dick’s Last Resort is the place for you. With multiple locations
around the US, this restaurant is themed around said snark and attitude. It’s probably not
for your easily-offended great-auntie, but they will make you laugh and serve you delicious
food if you know what you’re getting into. 13.
The Safehouse This is the only restaurant on our list that
requires a password to gain entry. Don’t worry though, if you don’t know the
password, the guards will just make you do something embarrassing to get in. Why the
password? The restaurant is spy themed, as you could probably tell from the name. 12.
Dinner in a Gondola This isn’t the only high altitude eatery
on our list, but it is the only one that occupies a gondola. At Stuckli Sky Dining you get to
enjoy the Swiss Alps from the four person ski lift while feasting on a four course meal. 11.
Ninja Castle Modeled after an ancient Japanese castle,
Ninja New York is part maze, part restaurant, with waiters that dazzle the guests with their
insane acrobatics as they enter into the mysterious world of the ninja. 10.
Zauo Restaurant At this restaurant, you actually catch your
fish for your dinner. Then you get to decide how it’s prepared. Hopefully, you’re good
at fishing! 9.
Ithaa Advertised as the world’s first ever
undersea restaurant, the Hilton Undersea Resort & Spa opened Ithaa (meaning “pearlâ€
) in the Maldives in 2007. Situated just a couple meters below the surface of the Indian
Ocean, it provides amazing panoramic views of the surrounding coral reef. 8.
Dinner on the Titanic This Australian restaurant takes you half
way around the world and a century back in time onto the maiden voyage of the doomed
RMS Titanic. It even has separate quarters for first and second class. Don’t worry
though, survival is guaranteed. 7.
Kalin Tavern The 180-year-old Kalin Tavern somehow managed
to get itself into a bit of a fix. You see, its customers can start their meal in Slovenia,
cross the room, and finish it in Croatia (the owner even painted a bright yellow line across
the floor to mark the spot). This, of course, wouldn’t be as much of an issue if
it weren’t for the fact that Slovenia is in the European Union and Croatia is not.
It just puts a bit of strain on their political relationship, which translates into some confusing
moments when tipsy Slovenians accidentally go out the wrong door and wind up running
into the less than impressed Croatian border patrol. 6.
Ogori Cafe This concept restaurant is based on the “Ogori
System.†In Japanese “ogori†means to “treat somebody else food.” In other
words, you order your food…for the next person. As for what you’ll eat? You’ll eat
what the person before you ordered. 5.
Cabbages & Condoms This insane restaurant is themed around…condoms.
Most things from menus to lampshades are made from woven-together condoms. There’s even
an entire family of mannequins made of condoms to greet you at the door, and when you leave,
you don’t get a breath mint; you get a condom. The food is said to be amazing. 4.
Conflict Kitchen Found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Conflict
Kitchen only serves the local cuisine of nations that are currently at odds with the United
States. 3.
El Diablo As one of the world’s most intense
restaurants, where else would El Diablo be but sitting on the tip of a volcano? And what’s
more, when your restaurant is precariously situated over a deep well of lava, who needs
to buy an oven? These are all good questions, and the owners of this smokin’ hot
grill answered correctly when they opened it on top of the Islote de Hilario volcano. 2.
Pyongyang This chain of restaurants run by the North
Korean government has expanded throughout China and southeast Asia, featuring typical
North Korean cuisine and entertainment. Hey, if you can’t feed your own people,
feed someone else’s – at least you get money for it right? 1.
Heart Attack Grill A somewhat controversial eatery, Heart Attack
Grill deliberately serves “food so bad for you it’s shocking.†Emulating
a hospital, the waitresses are dressed as nurses who take orders (prescriptions) from
the “patients.†A tag is then wrapped around the customer’s wrist with their
order which can include anything from a quadruple bypass hamburger to flatliner fries. And oh
yeah, if you weigh in at over 350 lbs, you eat free. So, would you eat at any of these? Let us
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