7lb Belly Buster Burger Challenge at Man vs Food London!!

August 16, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

So we’re working with what cheese? Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ and I am very very excited today because I am back in London, England and
I’m finally doing a challenge where I can win some money! I am at the Isleworth location of Man vs. Food London I’m taking on their 7 pound Big Ol Belly
Buster Burger Challenge! Now they have six options of food challenges, but this
is the one where I can win some money! I’ve got 40 minutes to finish – there’s
this massive beef patty along with, beneath it there’s a whole bunch of
healthy vegetables! We’ve got lettuce, we’ve got bunions,
we’ve got tomatoes, and then there’s like 14 tablespoons of mayonnaise between the
vegetables in the bun! There’s a huge bun and then there is Monterey Jack cheese
on top, but I’ve got 40 minutes to finish I already paid 55 quid or 55 British
Pound, but if I win I will get my money back I will get an additional two
hundred and fifty quid cash, I will get a sweet t-shirt I’ll be added up on the
Wall of Fame and then my whole table eats for free which today just consists
of Magic Mitch let’s get this challenge started! Alright a couple of my friends have beaten this, including Steel-Rod Radim, the record is about 25 minutes! I’m ready to
dominate let’s win some money! 23 minutes in 30 seconds in only got
like 16 minutes left so I got to hurry! This is going to be the hard part
there’s like a whole, it’s like a whole whatever the hell it is, of mayonnaise, but
we will get it and then the bun We’re done with all the sauce and stuff
so I’m gonna pass that over now. We just have the bottom bun still have lots of
time plenty of guys come let’s get the win! Great to be back in London overall
win number 625! The burger was great, could’ve done without all that
mayonnaise, but I was able to get it down, Big thanks to all you guys thank you
guys for watching!