9 Ways Cold Showers Benefit Your Health

August 31, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hey there! Do you love taking showers just as much as
I do? There’s sometimes nothing more satisfying
than stepping under a warm shower head. Have you ever found yourself standing in there
for an unhealthy amount of time? Yeah me neither. Let’s talk about cold showers for a moment. I know you’re thinking, “That went from
comfortable to painful pretty quickly.” But to be honest, did you know there are actual
benefits to taking cold showers? Let’s talk 8 Ways Cold Showers Benefit Your
Health. Do they lower stress? Can a cold shower help you lose weight? Hang on, they can actually improve your fertility? This is bound to peak your interests, unless
you’re secretly one of those “bath people”… Either way, let’s discuss. They do lower stress. It has been proven that certain temperatures
of water can have a profound effect on our mood. Along with meditation and exercise, a cold
shower is an amazing way to cool down… No pun intended. Seriously though, the stress of daily life
can get to everyone, and we all need a way to relax. Have you ever heard of uric acid? Out of all the different kinds of acid out
there, uric acid sounds like one of the more unpleasant kinds, doesn’t it? Uric acid is a bodily compound that can create
kidney stones and diabetes if increased to a high enough concentration. Studies have shown that a cold shower can
decrease the level of uric acid in your body. It is also shown to increase your level of
— say it with me — glutathione, which helps keeps all your antioxidants working. This keeps your brain at ease and helps you
relax. 2. Cold showers can help your depression. Forget things like uric acid for a second. Have you ever heard of “the blue spot”? No we’re not talking about some mysterious
rash you’ve found on your body. That’s for another video. Known scientifically as the locus coeruleus,
‘the blue spot’ is an unusual blue-colored area that connects the brain to the spinal
cord. Once the water touches you, the cold receptors
in your skin send electrical impulses into your brain, eventually reaching your blue
spot and soothing your body as a whole. This can act as an antidepressant. So if you’re feeling down, be sure to hop
into a cold shower for a few minutes. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will
definitely help your mood. 3. They stimulate weight loss This is one that’s bound to make you excited. At least if you’re a fitness or health junkie. Over the past couple of minutes, we’ve been
throwing a lot of fancy terms at you. So many, that we may come off kind of pretentious. SO HERE’S ANOTHER ONE! Have you ever heard of brown fat? Yes, it’s called brown fat. Yes, your fat comes in colours. Two colours to be exact. While white fat accumulates after eating crappy
foods and overdoing calories, brown fat keeps our bodies warm. But in order for brown fat to work efficiently,
your body needs to burn calories, helping you take off excess fat and assisting in weight
loss. 4. The cold can do wonders for the skin. By now you’ve probably realized that cold
showers work magic. Well not exactly, but they help with a lot
of things, including your skin. When hot water comes in contact with the body,
it tends to leave your skin looking old and dry. While hot showers have several benefits themselves,
the warmth doesn’t help when it comes to caring for your pores. Are you looking to take better care of your
skin? Crank that temperature down a couple notches,
or at least until its lukewarm. The cold tightens your pores and helps prevent
them from getting clogged up. It also prevents the skin from missing out
on those natural oils it loves. 5. It Can Increase Alertness All of you hardcore coffee drinkers take note. There is another method to keep you on your
toes. Newsflash: it doesn’t involve a caffeine
high. Remember how we talked about hot water coming
in contact with the body? Well cold water also evokes a reaction from
inside. The quick change in temperature will bring
a shock to your body, giving your brain a sudden urge to make you feel warm again. This rush sends a message to your heart to
work harder at pumping blood throughout your body. Needless to say, this process gives you one
heck of an energy boost. It can also wake you up pretty quickly. Your heart can do incredible things, but it
can also work against you. Check out our video for ‘8 Signs Your Body
Gives You a Month Before a Heart Attack’. 6. Cold showers can help your hair Do you remember how we talked about cold showers
helping your skin? Well, in the same way they help your skin,
they can also help your hair. We could have probably mentioned this while
we discussed skin a minute ago, but to be honest, we want to stretch this video out
as long as it can go. Let’s talk about it. The cold water can seal the pores on your
scalp. This temporarily prevents any dirt or bacteria
from entering and causing you to lose hair follicles. If you’ve been losing more hair than usual
lately, cold showers might just give your scalp some much needed strengthening. Don’t start wearing a hair piece just yet. 7. Your muscles recover quicker Here’s another one for the fitness junkies. Or maybe just the people who slept uncomfortably
last night. Did you know it’s been proven that a 24-minute
ice bath can heal sore muscles within four days? Okay I think I may need to backpedal a bit. Have you ever seen an ice bath? They were prevalent in many ancient Native
American cultures. People would jump into icy cold water for
the sake of spiritual and physical cleansing. The freezing cold temperatures would shock
the body, decreasing your level of lactic acid and helping your body heal faster. Sounds intense doesn’t it? That’s because it is, but man does it work. Keep in mind, not everybody has instant access
to an ice bath. And freezing ice in the refrigerator, only
to pour it into your tub can be a long wait. If you’re among the 99.9% of folks who don’t
have instant access to an ice bath, you may just want to use your shower, turning down
the temperature as low as you can handle. If your discouraged from all the discomfort
you may feel, just remember that all of your favourite athletes have taken a dip in the
ice bath at one point or another. 8. Cold showers improve circulation This is probably a benefit you didn’t think
of. In all honesty, neither did I. This list has a ton of callbacks… AND HERE’S ANOTHER ONE! Remember how we talked about cold water getting
the heart pumping and helping your blood flow faster throughout your body? Yeah, all that interesting stuff? Well your blood pressure actually decreases
during this process, as it spreads through the body, surrounding your internal organs. If your blood circulation has been poor, it
normally improves after a few minutes under a cold shower head. Keep in mind however that this is only temporary. Try your best to consult a physician. 9. It can increase your sperm count. We just had to catch your attention in the
best way possible. This is for all you men out there who are
interested in fatherhood. Taking an ice cold shower can be an excellent
way to help your sperm count. And I mean help in a big way… Did you know that a cold shower has the potential
to increase your level of sperm by up by 491%? I didn’t even know there were percentages
that high. Then again I skipped math class in school. Actually I cut class in general. Come to think of it, I dropped out in the
9th grade. All the more reason I shouldn’t be a father. Do you take cold showers? Are you considering taking them after seeing
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