A single solution for anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, & sleep quality?

September 30, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hey what’s up guys Dustin Williams here
with Dustin Williams Performance and Precision Fitness and guys I think the tagline that I put on here kind of says it all. All of those things
like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, poor sleep quality… I mean is it
really possible for all these things to be linked to just one issue? Well it
really is! The research is really kind of showing all these things can be linked
to a deficiency in one specific mineral and if you’ve known me very long or
listened to me talk at all you’ve heard me talk about this before. And I just
really kind of want to continue to press the importance of it and that is
magnesium. I cannot stress how important magnesium is in your diet and
it’s one of those things that’s easily overlooked & can sometimes be tough to get from our diet. Especially diets that are really high in grains which is what most people end up eating. It’s easy to to overlook that, but magnesium is extremely important. You need to make sure that you’re getting it
in there. It’s literally a deficiency in that has been linked to anxiety to
depression to high blood pressure to poor sleep quality. All these
things have been linked to a deficiency in magnesium so just kind of wanted to
mention that I wanted to get you guys to take a few minutes, if you’re not
tracking your food to track your food and find out if first off, just in your
diet, if this is something that you are deficient in. If you are deficient in you
can try adding in some more foods that have magnesium in it. From there you can
also supplement. Now here’s the thing most people end up supplementing with a
magnesium oxide. That’s the most common one out there, but the magnesium oxide
has actually been shown to cause a lot of gastrointestinal issues it’s
also got a really low bioavailability, so it’s not very easily absorbed. So,
typically the one that I would recommend that you guys grab is a magnesium
glycinate. That’s the one that I’m definitely the biggest fan of.
Magnesium glycinate you can pick it up several different brands out there will
carry it, but of course you want nothing with any additives or excipients or fillers but you can add this in as a supplementation. Do know
that if you’ve never taken this before and if you are deficient in it that it
very well could make you sleepy. So, if you were to take some of this make sure
to take it at night that’s gonna be the best time to try it out to see what kind
of an effect it has on you. Magnesium, guys make sure that we are
getting enough of this in so check your diet see if you’re getting
enough add it from food, add it from supplementation. If you do the
supplementation, magnesium glycinate that’s the one that I recommend, but test
it out and then if you guys have any questions or needing the links to any of
this stuff make sure to let me know. Toby, thanks for the question – pill or powder
either one is fine. They’re both going to be pretty
beneficial. I use pure encapsulations which is a pill just because the powder
doesn’t have the best taste to it so I’ve done the powder as well but the
pill that I use is from Pure Encapsulation so you can check that out
they got a magnesium glycinate but if you guys have any other questions please
make sure to let me know I’ll be happy to help out