Dr. Basit Diabetes and Heart Disease | Goshen Heart & Vascular

January 4, 2020 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

My name is Abdul Basit, interventional cardiologist. There is a strong connection between diabetes
and having a heart disease. Diabetes affects not only the heart, it
also affects the kidneys, brain, legs and circulation throughout the body, so there’s
a very strong link diabetes and having cardiovascular heart disease.
According to data, two out of three people die from cardiovascular related disease among
the diabetic patient population. Diabetes people as a general consider high
blood sugar, and I just want to emphasize it is not merely high blood sugar. It’s a metabolic problem, there is a metabolic
syndrome. High blood sugar affects the inner lining
of the blood vessels throughout our circulation. That means in the brain, in the neck, heart,
legs, kidneys and the stomach blood vessels. People get all the complications that are
related to the blood vessels in a diabetic patient population. Diabetes is just like a house on fire. We need to take care of every corner. We need to take care of the cholesterol. We need to take care of blood pressure. We need to take care of sugar. We need to take care of the kidney functions. We need to take care of the legs to prevent
any ulcers, any infection. That can lead to an amputation. The most important thing is that everybody
knows the risk factors. A risk factor means high cholesterol, high
blood sugar, weight, waist size, blood pressure. If a waist is more than 35 inches for females
and more than 40 inches in male, there’s a high risk of having a heart attack and stroke. Diabetes is prevalent in our society. Approximately 30 million Americans suffer
from diabetes. Two out of three people die from the heart-related
diseases in diabetics so if we can cut down those numbers even half, one third, that will
change the mortality. The aggressive treatment of diabetes is very