Food Challenge – 3+ lb Monster Burger Challenge @ The Omelet House | FreakEating in Las Vegas

August 28, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

The hardest part is always right before you start inaudible all the last day at my food challenge
strip in Vegas would see me take on two monster
challenges their monster challenges because they had the word monster in the
title I started out by going to the omelet
house which is located in Henderson Nevada if you’re not familiar Henderson in the
small city a few miles away from Las Vegas the people they were actually incredibly
friendly it was like going to any small town as
opposed to being in the Vegas strip I’d known about the monster burger
challenge at the all my house for quite a while but I’ve never actually gone there to
take it on you have to be careful though because there are two locations to the
all my house on the same street I can’t remember the name industry right
now but it’s the lake mead location that you
want to go to the Arctic down the challenge and as you can see from the video it is
quite a big burger it’s a three-pound had a and it felt like it had an entire salad
chopped up on top typically the restaurant seem to be
extremely busy because it was a I believe a Sunday morning and after I put in my order they really
didn’t watching too closely but I realize that there was no way I could
set up a full camera on the tripod in the restaurant it was way too busy there
was no foot space and I was very thankful that I had a
GoPro with me ago pope GoPro was really one of my best
investments the last six months it’s that the camera ready for to me on
the counter and face the wide angle lens that was able to capture pretty much all
of the action whether or not you finish the burger you
still have to pay for it I believe it’s like twenty-five dollars
people who do finish the burger or alternatively if you get the monster
omelet get a free t-shirt and your picture on
the wall in heading in I wasn’t sure if I should
take on the monster burger or the monster omelet the monster on that comes with all kinds
a toppings well that’s the most topics as fillings everything from like bill peppers to tomatoes to onions to mushroom stew
bacon its Chris everything on the menu I think
this recall the kitchen sink on that because from what I saw I pretty much
everything in it the server who work there told me that
it’s really not those appetizing thing in the world and the burger is probably my little more
tasty I think what I enjoyed most about the monster burger where the potato
crisps that came with it they were quite home fries there was
like thinly sliced sections of potato that were obviously Friday they had a texture much
different from french fries or home fries or even hash browns for that
matter ok and that was actually my favorite
part of this meal you believe it or not here I am trying
to get through a three-pound patty title vegetables and a rather toast a delicious but like the
bun they provide you on this is oversized yes but they toasted and as a chum
through it was really like I was eating a budget toast
as opposed to a gigantic hamburger bun I also think commend them because
despite the fact this is a giant like hamburger patty it was cooked very evenly throughout I
got a medium medium rare and it was not burned
anywhere I’ve taken on a couple the giant burger
challenges one of them no longer exists I believe it was because his restaurant
over in Walnut Creek California they did with his
gigantic patties and I wanna City bait it was could drive
places and burns the mothers especially the first time it right there
and it I was always going to give me this
negative vibe when it comes is gigantic hamburgers but all it has got their big burger just
right I didn’t ask them how they made it I
mean I don’t miss any way you can literally flip a patio this size on a standard grill or grill
but they got the cooking cooking process
down just right of course when you’re in a small town a
small diner and you take it all in these challenges you know you become the talk go everyone around
you everybody is stopping by to say something offer opinion either they’re impressed
so they think you’re absolutely crazy you know it’s it’s kinda fun too gonna
have that badger that crash at dawn locals and you
know for a second you you can just have fun with this was all
over I got my t-shirt of course I also have
to pay the bill but all in good fun Memorial Day weekend is kinda my break
away from work in my real work is done in the classroom
I teach high school history it’s a little fun to you know get on the
road and see places and visit restaurants and interact with people outside of the classroom environment
summit is fun to talk to adults who are teachers and interact with people who are you know students and for those of you who are interested
in taking the monster burger challenge I don’t believe they maintain any sort
of house record the server brings out your burger said in front view and they save on Apple TV and they
really don’t have the time to watch you I remember the manager and a couple
other servers in the cooker come out kinda look at me and just see how I was doing they were very
supportive we obviously I didn’t tell them who I was there that I do this kind
of weather poppy so they have no reason to believe
that I’m actually going to finish it or or whether I’m probably gonna fail me
I’m sure the vast number of people who go in there and I should try this don’t actually finish it I’m and that’s
just the way it is I mean how many people actually start their morning of by
eating a three pound hamburger patty it it it and for those of you who are familiar
with the Las Vegas Henderson area I’m what are some challenges that you
would like to see me do in the future because obviously you know Vegas is a
hop skip and a jump away from where I live and I’m always there I have friends in
town there were something that you would like to
see me try I mean they don’t even need to be likes that restaurant challenges maybe you know about some place that
serves like a gigantic donut that nobody really knows about the two main resources that competitive
eaters that professional leaders and others use when they’re trying to find a
food challenge is either going to be. treats dot com to charges are calm which is awesome
website affiliated with Randy centel he’s
awesome food competitive eater and you’ve ever
seen as shall he does tons of restaurants charges that’s pretty much
all he does actually is restaurant charges and of course I try to find things off the L yeah it
was actually pretty useful people write reviews about places and I find all all kinds of places to visit based on
your recommendations but if you guys watching this video have
anything for me and go ahead by all means is leave a comment on the section below
and I will do my best to incorporate them in the future Vegas Strip if you haven’t seen the other challenge videos in this series in which
I took on for other restaurant challenges be sure to check them out on
the lake down below and there is still one more challenge
video coming I took on one more challenge in Vegas
before heading back into victorville so wait for it because
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