for blood pressure

November 9, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hello friends. High blood pressure is the increasing problem today. You see anyone, he is a victim of high blood pressure. Low BP also happens to people. But there are a lot of patients of high blood pressure. Because of high blood pressure also diabetes happens. Because of high blood pressure all the heart diseases happen. Because of high blood pressure our all the body organs get affected. When you go to the doctor what doctor does? He or she gives you a medicine for lifetime. So for this lots of formulas I will keep telling you in my videos. But still you do this. I am also telling you a tip. In the morning when you wake up put 1 spoon full honey and half a lemon in warm water. And bite a clove of garlic. And drink this water sipping on an empty stomach. High BP will never happen to you. Heart will become very strong. And what you do ? You do this meditation. You must be knowing sheetli pranayam. What do you have to do with this? Like we whistle with our lips we have to make our lips that way and have to pull the breath inside. And then closing our mouth have to remove the breath out the nose. Like this see. Just do this pranayam 10-15 times. What will happen with this? We get coolness with it. It is very powerful in the summer times. Your body will feel cool. By keeping cool already blood pressure comes down. The pressure that is there will automatically come down. You do it 10-15 times. When you release your breath through your nose then along with that also say this thought that your blood pressure is getting normal. And you will see that if you make this pranayam as your habit And you also kept drinking lemon water then the complaint of high blood pressure will finish of forever. Definitely try it out. Thank you very much.