HOME REMEDIES FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE  PART – 2 II उच्च रक्त चाप के लिए घरेलू उपचार भाग -2 II

HOME REMEDIES FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE PART – 2 II उच्च रक्त चाप के लिए घरेलू उपचार भाग -2 II

November 9, 2019 15 By Bertrand Dibbert

Welcome to Health Care at Home In our previous episode we were talking about High Blood Pressure And I told you that i will share the reason behind BP Age factor is the reason behind High Blood pressure Stress is the reason behind high BP, if you are obese or over weight then that too is the reason behind BP Alcoholism – too much of consumption of alcohol is the reason behind High BP Smoking is the major factor, if you are major smoker, then by crossing age of 40 your BP will increase. Similarly is you are suffering from hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, even then your BP will increase Kidney disease is the reason, also if you have family history of high BP then you too will have chances of high BP Now how to control ? If you do Yoga, Exercise, Walk then they increase the flow of blood in blood vessels With this there is a minimal possibility of plague in arteries So, if you have family history of BP then what you have to do is Do walking when you wake up in the morning. don’t do jogging instead do walk or brisk walk with this possibilities of high BP become minimal Similarly with pranayam too you can control over your BP Doing pranayam provides oxygen rich blood to all the parts of the body and due to this we have minimal possibilities of having BP Consume Garlic as it increase the quantity of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide. which helps to relax the blood vessels Along with garlic too have the properties of blood thinning due to this possibility of having blood clotting become minimal It also reduces pulse rate with which we get less pressure on our heart What you have to do is just chew 2-3 cloves of garlic with an empty stomach & either drink water or milk . And you will notice that your BP will be normal Similarly, usage of Sarpagandha powder is also very beneficial it contains Reserpine which is helpful to low down the BP Take 1 pinch of Sarpagandha powder and consume it with a glass of water twice a time in a day Do this remedy till the time your BP is began to normal With its daily usage your BP will be normal Similarly usage of Hibiscus is aso very beneficial as it is very helpful to flush out the sodium from blood stream And due to this our arteries get minimal pressure on their wall Now a days Hibiscus tea is available so in case you are using its tea then what you have to do is Take 1 cup of water add 1 piece of cinnamon and thoroughly boil this water When the water is boiled, add hibiscus tea, lemon & honey Drink this tea twice a time in a day and you will notice that your BP will be normal If you don’t get its ready made tea then just dry hibiscus flower under the shadow once its dry then tear it into small pieces and store it in any glass vesel Now take these home made dry flowers, put them in 1 cup of water boil it and add cinnamon, lemon and honey and use this tea , your BP will be normal . Let me tell you an another remedy for this take 30 gm of garlic 40 gm of basil leaves & 60 gm wheat grass ( which we grow at home , mature grass of 8-9 days ) Wash them thoroughly & then grind them in a grinder after grinding, take the solution out in muslin cloth and take out its juice Now take 2-2 spoon of this juice 2-3 times in a day as its also very helpful to control the BP If you are suffering from BP then remember take Potassium, Calcium and magnesium rich food. Now that food which is rich in Calcium, Magnesium and potassium that i will share in next episode. Also i will tell you some amazing home remedies to control your BP So, isn’t it all the remedies were very easy?Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So, don’t forget to share & like our videos as much as you can. Thank You…