Killer Burger in Town #JeddahFood Vlog Ep-2

August 30, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hello Friend ! I Heard there is a New Burger in Town ! As i am a Burger Lover I will must try it, so lets Go! Going for a burger so friends are must ! Hello Are you ready to Dine ? Asalam O Alikum, Ready? Bro you are kidnapping us, at least tell us where are you taking us? Bro I heard there is a new burger in town So lets try it ? Just got to know one more friend was @Shopping and we have destroyed his shopping day by picking him We have at last destroyed your Shopping eve 😀 This is it ! The Arena Burger ! This is the Menu.. Victorious & Arena Burger range These are sides Hi ! Just got to know at certain purchase Fries & Dynamite shrimps were Free The Prices are very Competitive vs other burgers لذلك لدينا وجبة جاهزة الآن طازجة مطهية من الشواية دجاج كرسبي Victorious Tower ! رائع ! هذا برغر لذيذ رائع الدجاج مخلل جيدا ممتاز ديناميت Shrimps