Know the Signs of a Stroke – BE FAST

August 16, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Hi, I’m Melissa Martin and I’m one of the
stroke nurse practitioners here at UC San Diego Health. May is Stroke Awareness
Month and we are raising awareness on stroke signs and symptoms. UC San Diego Health has two comprehensive stroke centers. That is a designation that is
provided to hospitals that have the ability to care for complex stroke cases
and have significant resources in infrastructure, staffing and training to
provide state-of-the-art stroke care. When it comes to stroke symptoms we want you to remember to be fast and call 911 for any of the following stroke
symptoms. The B in BEFAST stands for balance because any sudden change in
balance, coordination or inability to walk can all be potential stroke
symptoms. The E is for eyes and this is to remind you that any change in vision,
whether it’s double vision or vision loss out of one or both eyes, is this
potential stroke symptom. The F is for face and this is to remind you that any
change in facial symmetry or an uneven smile is concerning for stroke. The A is
for arm and stands for arm and leg weakness because any new arm or leg
weakness is concerning for stroke. The S is for speech because any new speech
changes whether it’s slurring of speech or inability to speak is concerning. And
lastly the T in BEFAST is for time because if you notice any new stroke
symptoms it’s time to call 911. Stroke remains one of the leading causes
of disability in the United States. If you or someone you know are having
stroke like symptoms it is critical for you to seek immediate medical attention
as you may prevent the long term effects of stroke and even prevent death. So
remember to Be Fast.