Man Says He Never Even Knew Woman’s Name (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

August 16, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

You may be seated. Good morning,
Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofJones v. Joyner.Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JONATHAN: Good day,
Your Honor. Ms. Jones, you claim
the defendant is an
ex-boyfriend who got you pregnant
and now refuses
to do anything for your eight-month-old
daughter Hazel? Yes. You and your mother
petitioned the court
for a DNA test to prove that he
is Hazel’s father so he will
finally step up. Mr. Joyner, you say
you are a responsible US Military veteran who would never
neglect a call to dutyand are 100% certain
you are not
her child’s
biological father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Jones,
what has Mr. Joyner
done for your child? He has not done
anything. Babies cost a lot
of money and I’m a single mother and I can’t do it
on my own and Hazel really needs
her dad in her life. He is her father. And he’s been denying
her since birth? Since I was
pregnant with her. I’ve been trying
to reach out to him. You know, uh, “I got
doctor’s appointments
coming up. “Do you wanna come?”
I mean, he just have no interest
really since I got pregnant
with her at six weeks. You’ve done nothing for
Hazel, Mr. Joyner? No, Your Honor. I haven’t. Tell the court why. Honestly I just…
I don’t feel like
it’s my baby. I don’t feel like
it’s my baby… JUDGE LAKE:You don’t “feel”
Or… What are your doubts?
JONATHAN:It is not my baby.
It is… It is not my baby.
I am a US veteran.
I am a military veteran, and I will take…
I do take care of
my responsibilities. Do you have other children? No, Your Honor, I do not. JUDGE LAKE: So you,
just from the start
didn’t believe it. No, Your Honor. Take me back to the nature of
this relationship. Were you
in a committed relationship? Dating? What? No, Your Honor. We were dating. We were dating. Your Honor, I would not say
we was dating in any kind
of serious relationship. I met her at the place
where we worked at.
It was a restaurant and the first night I
brought her home, Your Honor,
I didn’t even know her name. I mean, just
to be honest. You say you were in
a relationship, Ms. Jones? OLIVIA: Yes. He says it wasn’t
a relationship at all. He
didn’t even know your name. It was. The first night
when I went by his house, his aunty… One of his
family members brought
me home from work and we chilled over here,
where he lives at. And, it just…
We talked for
a long time, so it’s not like
he didn’t know
my name. I mean, we work together. So, and then, probably an
hour and a half after that,
we had intercourse. And so you didn’t
use protection? We didn’t. JUDGE LAKE: How long
did this relationship… Sexual relationship
or whatever it was,
go on? It started January 21st
and ended probably
like end of March. So, Mom, Ms. Jones, did your daughter ever
introduce you to Mr. Joyner? Yes, ma’am. Did you know
anything about him? Yes, ma’am, I had… I was…
I know the situation ’cause
she used to take my car and go over there
and visit him and stay sometimes
at night and
everything with him. I even went over there
to his residence, spent the weekend
and everything with them with my other grandson. So, that’s how I know
he’s denying it. He’s lying, Your Honor.
Yes, he is. Because I used to go pick him
up from the restaurant, him and her, where they work
together at and everything. CLARIESE: Yes. Do you remember
her picking you
guys up and… Your Honor, I’m not
denying that we didn’t
see each other, but what we’re here
about is the baby and I know for a fact
that she was having
sexual intercourse with at least
two other people
from our workplace. No. No. No. It wasn’t two other people. Once we got serious, I cut all that off and
that was probably like, give or take,
three weeks after that, I cut everybody off
to be with him. She was serious with him
Your Honor. Very serious. He met my grandparents.
All my family, my friends. Very serious. I had… I really had
respected him.I said, “Olivia,
look like you got a good…
“A good man this
time in your life.”
And I was respecting
him. I was going over
there to his home and I was cooking
for him and cleaning up.
We was doing
all those things. We was all spending
time with each other ’cause we thought
it was serious. JUDGE LAKE: Why
are you spending time
with her mother and her at your house and
doing all that if it’s just a sexual
relationship and you don’t
care anything about her? Yeah. They pushed
their way in on
me, Your Honor. No. That’s not true. You say this was just casual,
it was nothing but when a
young woman’s mother says, “I’m over there
cooking and cleaning
and we’re going over there.” He even was thanking me
for when I was coming
over there and stuff and cooking and stuff.
He said, “Tell your momma
thank you. I appreciate it,” and stuff. And you thought you were
over there with your
daughter’s boyfriend and just helping them out? CLARIESE: Yes, ma’am. My, um, her
grandmother and all
of them. Stuff like that. They was…
They was liking him.
They really was. If it wasn’t serious,
Your Honor, why he was talking
about him and her
moving in together? I never… OLIVIA: Yes, yes. When did that happen? When they was
with each other. Your Honor, when I met her
she was supposed to be
moving to Texas in one week. She said, “I’m moving to
Texas with my boyfriend”
or baby daddy or whatever he was,
in one week. So, as far as I knew…
I knew… (STAMMERS) In my mind,
I was just gonna, you know, do it with her
for a few days and then
she was gonna be gone. But did I ever leave?
Did I ever leave? JONATHAN: Exactly.
She never left. No. I was committed
to you and only you, so… I never asked her,
“Hey, will you be with me?
Will you be my…” You have.
Many a times. I don’t know if that
was to get me out of my
drawers or what, but you have.
Many a times. But what happened when you
told him you were pregnant? I called him and I was like,
“I got something to tell you. “I’m at the hospital.”
And he was like, “Don’t tell me you’re
pregnant.” I said, “Well,
I’m pregnant.” And he just sat
on the phone, silent and he said, “I’m gonna call
you back” and he never
called me back and I…Just waiting for the phone
to ring and no call back
from Mr. Joyner.
You never called back.
I had to take some time to
think about it. Like I said,
I was not the only one. I’m not a doctor
or anything like that, but I know that she
was having sex in that time
frame of which it could be me
or it could’ve
been the other guy. How do you know this? ‘Cause when she came to me
and said she was pregnant,
it might have been three weeks, maybe
a month, after I had met her. How do you know she
was even having sex
with anybody else? Because we were…
It was… Everybody
at the workplace knew. Even she was…
She’ll even admit it. And everybody at the workplace knew
that me and you
were messing around too. “Too”, also.
Like she just said, “too.” So wait, Ms. Jones.
Are you admitting
what he says is true? That you were sleeping
with other people
when you were… There was… There was
just one guy I was
sleeping with, but I cut it off. So then that
his testimony. Yeah. Why do you think
she’s claiming you’re
the father then if you say there was
this other person and
everybody knew it? Uh, he’s a little boy
and I’m a man. You know, I have
my own place. She’s seen… She’s seen
what it was, you know, and she’s seen
my means of, you know, what I had
and the other guy she was, you know, guy or two
that she was sleeping
with at the time and she chose and
she thought that I would
be the best decision. Or we were together. Or we were dating.
We were in a serious
relationship. They was. We weren’t. We wasn’t… Like everything was about Mr. Joyner. When we were working
together, everybody’s like,
“Mr. Joyner, Ms. Jones.” Everybody knew us, messing around. Everybody
knew we was messing around.
It wasn’t no other person. We knew
each other for
maybe a month after she, when she said
she had gotten pregnant. Your Honor, I had just
moved. I had just moved
there from Virginia. Twenty-five years old
I am. And I’ve been
having sex roughly
10, 11, 12 years. I’ve never gotten
any female pregnant.
At all. Well, you got me pregnant. I moved down there,
the first week I meet her… That only happens one time.
That’s it. One time. Yeah. So wait a minute.
Are you responsible
or just lucky? Because do you use
protection if you’re having
sex these 11 years? To be honest
with you, no. Well, that’s irresponsible.
You just told me… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) …you’re a responsible… CLARIESE: Yes. …military man. CLARIESE: Yes. Now I thank you for your
service, I will say that, but if you’re responsible,
how are you having sex
for 11 years and never using protection? Well, who’s to say
I’m irresponsible?
Okay… Yeah, I could’ve… I’m telling you
you are! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) For 11 years having sex and
you’re not using protection? I don’t think that means
I’m irresponsible. Really? JUDGE LAKE: You don’t? No. Well, you know, I’d rather
be irresponsible than dead ’cause you could be that too
having unprotected
sex for 11 years! JONATHAN: Okay… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I could be, but I’m just
the first one to admit it. I’m not the first guy
who admits that what…
They don’t what? They don’t like to use
a condom. I don’t
like to use a condom. I’m not saying
every time I had sex. JUDGE LAKE:
But my point is this. What I mean is, I was in a
long… I was in long-term
relationships, Your Honor. So, but wait, you’re telling
me you were not in a long-term
relationship with her. You’re telling me this
was only a sexual
relationship with her. Were you using
protection with her? OLIVIA: No. JUDGE LAKE:
With Ms. Jones? No, I did not. Mr. Joyner, actually your
mother’s here in court. I’d like to hear from her.
Ron, will you please
escort her in? Yes, ma’am. Thank you. Hello, Ms. Joyner. Hi. Thank you so much
for joining us today. How are you? No problem. You know we’re
here discussing baby Hazel… DEANNA: Yes, ma’am. …her paternity and Ms. Jones
asserts that your son,
Mr. Joyner, is her biological father.
Do you believe that? I do. JUDGE LAKE: You do? I do. JUDGE LAKE: Please
tell the court why. I absolutely do. Well, they brought her
to see me when she
was two days old. Um, Olivia… I didn’t find
out till two weeks before
that she was pregnant. So your son never told you. CLARIESE: Never. DEANNA: No. CLARIESE: Never. DEANNA: You know,
you just know.I have a grandmother’s ring
I got in April.
It has Hazel’s name
imbursed in right with the
rest of my grandkids. I absolutely believe 100%
that she is his. And what makes you
believe so strongly? As a mother, you just know. You just know
and to me she looks like him. CLARIESE: Yes. JONATHAN: Your Honor,
I have this to say. Not too long ago, couple
of years ago, in, in West Virginia
where I moved from, there was another
situation just similar
to this one right here. Uh, a girl said that she
had a baby, you know,
and it was mine, all this, and I mean, this
baby looked identical to me. Identical. I
thought so myself I got attached to this baby and the test results
came in and it was negative and, you know, my mother
was, you know, bringing
the baby around and thought so too.
Thought so herself 100%. Everybody thought
so 100%. That’s why, you know, a situation
has happened before
and that’s, that’s… So you’ve been through this
and it did not turn out
in your favor. It didn’t turn out
to be… Even you
thought, you thought this particular child
was yours. It looked exactly like me. DEANNA:
Looked just like him. Three years old.
Yeah. So why do you believe
your mother is saying that she truly believes Ms. Jones’ child,
baby Hazel, is your biological child?
Why do you think your
mother’s saying that? JONATHAN:
I don’t know, maybe just
deep down she really…
She’s ready for me
to have a kid.
(LAUGHS) No. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Hell no. You’re not
responsible to have
a baby. I don’t know.
You know what I mean? You? No. My little brother,
he has two of them and I don’t have any yet. It has nothing to do with
that, ’cause he ain’t got
his crap together either. Neither one of…
I mean, they… They’re both young, I get it.
But they’re not responsible. Not responsible. Needs to grow up
and denying it is
not gonna help. You missing every day
that you don’t… CLARIESE: Yes. It sounds like your
mother has stepped
up in your absence thus far because she
is eight months old. DEANNA: I was helping
Olivia from day one. I have been there, bought that
baby diapers, clothes,
formula, from day one when neither one
of them would. I was buying things
for Hazel when nobody was… Excuse me… When all I had was my ma. JONATHAN:
Excuse me, Your Honor. When I was pregnant
where was ya’ll? Where
were the Joyner family? When did I find out,
sweetheart? I can’t do
the rest of them. You told me two weeks before. I’m sorry your son didn’t
tell you that I was pregnant. All right, let’s get some
order, ’cause I wanna
understand what’s going on. I just want a test. I just want a test to prove
it because of the situation
that’s happened before in the past. DEANNA: But you
wouldn’t pay for it. You wouldn’t pay for it.
A man would’ve
paid for it. $700. DEANNA:
Just saying. Sorry. No. That’s what you’re here
to do. That’s what you’re
here to do. That’s the facts. I agree. When you say
in open court that you
are a responsiblemilitary veteran,and you saidshe saw you from a mile
away because of the way you
live and what you have and you have a home
and you have this… If you say,
“I’d like to have
a paternity test.” If you know she doesn’t
have the means and the
answer is important to you, and there’s a baby
on the line that could
potentially be yours, why not just say, “I’m going to pay for it.
I’d like you to bring Hazel “and let’s get this done.” Why didn’t you get
the test done if you
have the means and you are so responsible? Well, I mean, just because
I have the means, don’t mean
I have $700 to just go… I mean, what if
it wasn’t mine?
Then that’s, pfft… All she had to do was go
to just… Uh, I told her… File, go through the state, and all of this, you know,
all of this could’ve
been done bucu long ago. When Hazel was born,
I was on the Internet. And I was
keeping Hazel while she
was working at night. She has another child. So she is trying. She is
a single mother, she is
young. She don’t know. He’s a little older and should
have enough sense to do it. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Ms. Jones, was it unprotected
sex with the other
person or protected? It was protected. JONATHAN: Uh… Condoms are only 99%,
not 100%. Not 100%. And I’m pretty sure
it didn’t break.
I’m sure of that. Protection or not,
she just admitted to having
sex with another guy in that time frame, so how for her to pinpoint
me and say,
“You’re the father,” I mean, I just wanna know
how she come up with that? Maybe it’s because
I had a place and maybe,
I don’t know. Maybe it’s because
I’m a military man. Well, she says
when she met you, she cut the other guy out and
was only sleeping with you. So if the child was conceived
in a window of time when she
was only sleeping with you, then you’re the
only possible father. I am 100% positive
I’m not the only
one in that window. But you’re
the only one
I was having sex with. In that window
when she said,
“I’m pregnant.” Well, you go take it back
to when she could’ve
gotten pregnant in that window, I was
not the only one. My contraception date
was February 4th
when I went to the doctor and it pointed straight
to you. That’s how I knew
who it was hands down. Well… I think the only way to move
forward is to get the results. OLIVIA: Yes. Let’s get them. Ron, the envelope, please. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) In the case of
Jones v. Joyner,
when it comes
to eight-month-old Hazel Jones, it has been determined
by this court, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Joyner, you… …are the father. Yes. (LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: I see tears
in your eyes. You’re
looking at your baby. What do you feel? DEANNA:
Man up to her now. What do you feel? OLIVIA: She’s beautiful. She is. She’s a doll baby. JUDGE LAKE:
What do you feel, Mr. Joyner? She’s beautiful. AUDIENCE: Aw. I’m sorry for denying her.
(CRYING) I will say this, Mr. Joyner.
You’ve lost some time and I
can see from your reaction, you know, you worked
yourself up to believe there was no way
she could be yours and you know what? I understood why, because
you had been in a situation where you bought in, you believed it, you even felt it and then it wasn’t and you probably were
in some ways protecting yourself. It was almost probably
a defense mechanism, like, “I’m just not buying
in until I know.” Yes, Your Honor. And that’s why it’s important
to get the answer as fast
as possible because now, she’s just eight months old.
The beauty of this is she’s so young, she won’t have
to remember this. You can step in now and really get in there
and be the kind of father
that she needs. Can you do that? CLARIESE: Yes. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
We have counseling and resources for you all
to help you get together you gotta learn how to
co-parent, you gotta
learn how to blend. But isn’t she worth it? Yes, she is. JUDGE LAKE:
Beautiful little girl. She’s worth it, right? I wish you all the very best
of luck. We have counseling
and resources for you. Please take advantage of them. Court is adjourned.