Nobody Believes I Have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

January 6, 2020 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Why does nobody believe
in adrenal fatigue? Today we’re going to talk about why conventional
medicine doesn’t have it as a diagnosis. I’m Dr. Carrie Lam and this is Dr. Michael Lam,
an authority on adrenal fatigue. So, why why is adrenal fatigue not part
of conventional medicine or a diagnosis. Well, adrenal fatigue is
a relatively new discovery and it is not at the point
that it reaches the criteria to be able to consider a medical
diagnosis for good reasons. You know, we look at adrenal fatigue which is a terminology that we kind
of assign to people who have maybe cortisol imbalances
from the clinical aspect, but the symptoms are quite
convoluted and the pathology is such that if you really pick up the adrenal glands
from the body pathologically it doesn’t show up in terms of any abnormalities. So, rightfully so it should not be considered
a medical diagnosis at this particular point in time. So, how what are some
ways that we can be able to see if someone has an adrenal fatigue? Well, as just a health condition, you know, the best way is to go by
the signs and the symptoms, okay. Now, remember that not every
condition is a medical condition. You can be tired and not have
a diagnosis of a chronic fatigue. You can have sleeplessness and not
necessarily be told that you have insomnia. So, medical or health has
a range of a continuum and in the very mild and moderate stage
where it’s not yet considered a medical problem, you know this is what we are dealing with at this
particular point in time in terms of adrenal issues. So, what are some of the things
that in conventional medicine kind of make it sound like it
could be adrenal fatigue? I know you mentioned chronic fatigue. How about like real adrenal
issues like Addison’s disease? Well, Addison’s disease is
a recognized medical diagnosis and condition that affect
about 4 out of 100,000 people. The most famous patient of Addison’s
disease is President John F. Kennedy. And it is a very, very specific diagnosis
that requires generally speaking steroids replacement for life. Adrenal fatigue is a terminology that was
assigned to a group of people who were similar but much scaled down symptoms that
are often times not medically driven in terms of nomenclature but has some
subtle signs and symptoms that is very mild, but it presents in
the way it is almost like some form of mild Addison’s
because of the presentation. So, you’re saying it might
not just only be the adrenals but really there are
other systems involved? Well, our research has shown over
the years that the adrenal system yes, is responsible for many hormones that
regulate the body for well function. But, the body’s response to stress is actually much more comprehensive
than just the adrenal system because stress is so pervasive and survival of
our body depends on a well maintain system. The body has redundant systems and the systems involved in stress
response include the adrenals but it also includes a multiple circuits. We call them circuits because
you know there are six circuits. The neuroaffect circuit,
the hormonal circuit, the detoxification circuit, the… Immune circuit.
– Yeah, immune circuits. So, there are cardionomic circuits. So, there are multiple circuits and multiple
system and each circuit has three systems. They are designed to be
activated in unison like a symphony that works together
when stress arrive in our doorsteps. So, it depends on to the level
of stress that the body senses the body will activate various components of
the what we call the neuroendometabolic circuits and the or the neuroendometabolic
stress response the NEM response. So, it depends on the degree of stress, the intensity and
the body’s response to it. The body usually self-regulate to get rid of
the stress once it arrives on our doorstep. Is much more than just the adrenal system
although many of the symptoms we tend now to service seems to be more correlated
but if you really study harder, it is really a system wide problem
that’s why it’s so convoluted. And because there are so many systems there’s so many convolution
it’s kind of hard to just pin-point um something
for a diagnosis, right? Or for a disease.
You usually need to for a syndrome you need like five things
that go into the syndrome. But people with adrenal fatigue they present
with so many different types of symptoms. The symptoms are so wide,
overlapping, convoluted, it almost defies medical logic if we
use a compartmentalized approach which is what modern medicine do. And in the case of adrenal fatigue, we really have to
understand the body from the holistic perspective. That the body is very smart, the body will not allow
a compartmentalization approach in terms of dealing with it because
this is not like a broken family. You know this is a systemic problem so
therefore it requires a systemic approach. Now, I had a hard time understanding this
concept myself when I went through this because for the longest time
nobody can understand me, no doctors can really help me because everyone including myself was trained
in the compartmentalization perspective. So, when you are kind of a pigeon
hole yourself into that perspective, you are kind of be blinded to look at all
the other problems as part of this unified whole. So, the people that go to doctors they
get individualized diagnosis of conditions but really not the whole person outlook of what
might be going on which is the chronic stress and the chronic fatigue that
might be wearing their body down and manifesting in different symptoms. Yeah. The approach to
see the doctor is correct and everyone should do that to make sure
there’s nothing that mimics this type of condition, but if everything
is normal so to say, then and if you want to look outside the box
then the question is what is really going on? Now, if you have a body
that is telling you something and you believe that your
body is telling you the truth, then you have a responsibility
to follow your gut and track it and see what is really going on. And so that is ultimately what
I think can lead to further discovery on your own to really understand. But that’s what happened to me
you see because it’s very easy because I know all about
the conventional side but I just don’t have the answers but I know the answer is there. So, I cannot lie to myself or tell
myself that it does not exist. It’s just maybe I don’t understand
so that starts me on my own journey. So, for people out there who feel like no one
believes in them what should they do? Well, that is actually quite normal and so there’s nothing
really you can do other than to first is
to educate yourself. Other people cannot
solve your problem. You have to solve your problem and you start
your own solution by educating yourself. Knowledge is power
and when you learn and you understand and
you have the common sense to guide you logically
through every step. Now, the body does behave logically and so you can bring your discovery to
your doctors and try to educate them or you can find someone who really understands who speaks
the language that you speak in order to help your body. No one’s going to be able to help you if they
don’t even understand what you’re going through, and this is an important part to consider. Yeah. So, today we learned about
why nobody believes in adrenal fatigue but know that there are people
who do that you can find. In order to empower yourself,
go on your journey, gain the knowledge
and believe in yourself. And so if you have any questions go online and find out a little more and find people who are
like minded like you, right? Right. And that’s the key because you know no one’s going to
take care of your body better than you. You know that I know that. You know, we’re here to help you,
we’re here to provide the education so that you are empowered
to take control of your health. Yeah, so hopefully you have a good
day and um go on your journey.