Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Linked to Sex Abuse Scandal?

August 15, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

the pope’s resignation is linked to us
to the sex abuse crisis according to mayor maxima copa director uh… alex
give dani and this is interesting because we
mentioned when i met when we talked earlier in the week about the pope
resigning at being the first poke to resign uh… in six hundred something years
around six hundred years i said you know i can imagine wanting to get out look at
the whole pedophilia crisis that’s going on alex give me says that it’s two-day it’s
very strange it’s two days before ash wednesday because of the way the conclave works
and he’s no pope will probably reside over easter sunday mass you wonder if there is another issue to drop now he did the documentary mayor
maxima culpa silence in the house of god and it’s a ritz about some of the carrot
wave of accusations against the catholic church and he is just being very
straightforward here and saying this is about the sexual abuse scandal this is a doubt of the cover-up and this is about getting himself out of
the way essentially i’d just i’ve no reason to contest this
because it was the first thing that came to my mind is this evidence not really but it’s
certainly not a surprise to me yeah uh… you know what he is eighty
five years old uh… the health issues i can understand
this pace maker are their talks of cancer which i served as or not true but
uh… you props just don’t do this remember
that in his earlier capacity when he was cardinal rats in your report was
provided the sixteen th he was responsible for ordering all
reports of sex abuse to go through his office of the congregation of the
doctrine of faith where he ran uh… here and that office from all one two oh
five yeah i just i wouldn’t be at all
surprised the sexual abuse in molestation by priests is is bad enough
by far but dick persistent cover up and and uh… hiding and shielding of
the abusers isn’t really a double scandal that is
really wrapped into one and i think it’s getting you the attention that it
deserves yeah i don’t know if we need to link this to anything i mean we know
what he did uh… i think he’s despicable human being and uh… it who knows he’s probably just getting up
for things they repent let’s take a break will be back after
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