Raynaud’s Phenomenon

November 8, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

I’m gonna dip my hand in freezing cold water for a couple of minutes and see if it does in fact turn into Raynaud’s phenomenon Hey guys, so today I just wanted to make a quick video talking about Raynaud’s phenomenon So a lot of people pronounce this “raynards” “raynods” “raynodes” or “raynose” I don’t really know which one’s correct. I think technically “raynose” is correct You kind of like drop that “D” and say “o”, but I just say “raynodes”, so Yeah, sorry, you say something different and if I’m saying it wrong, so I do have Raynaud’s phenomenon But I don’t have it that badly. I have it Sometimes worse than others obviously and I it’s a big sign that winter is coming And so I’ve had it I think two or three times this week and that’s the first time I’ve had it mainly this whole summer It’s a lot worse in the winter And if you don’t know what Raynaud’s phenomenon is, it’s this thing if that happens to your toes and to your fingers for me It’s really just my fingers and it’s spasming of these blood vessels and your fingers that causes constriction of blood flow and then oxygen To your fingertips and it typically happens in the cold Sometimes in the hot. Oftentimes it’s just a change of temperature. It’s really common in autoimmune diseases I don’t have an autoimmune disease, but I do have a type of dysautonomia and it’s also common in dysautonomia It’s also common with like thyroid issues I think like hypothyroidism and there are other hormonal things that cause it and other factors as well these are just some of the really common causes also, sometimes it’s not secondary to another condition and it can just be Itself, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a big problem, but for me, it is painful for some people It’s not for some people it is and it can be indicative of another condition so like maybe it’s important to check out I guess if you are experiencing this but Yeah, it’s just something I know I have. So I’m basically I’m gonna dip my hand in freezing cold water for a couple of minutes And see if it does in fact turn Into Raynaud’s phenomenon. Oh, and I also totally forgot to explain what it is. It’s like It turns your fingers white. It can be purple and I can be red. It’s sort of like these three different phases actually I’ll just take my hand in watch out. Oh, that’s cold Wow. Hello and It’s like it’s white when there’s that constriction of blood flow. It’s blue. Oh my god, that’s cold That’s colder than I thought it was gonna be oh That’s nicely painful. Okay It’s blue when it’s like low on oxygen And then it’s red when like the blood flow returns. What am I doing? Oh my gosh Why did I put ice in here. I have to take it out. It’s like hurting me. I don’t think I’m gonna get Raynaud’s from this. Oh jeez. Oh my god. Oh, that’s rough Ow See, this is what I don’t get. Every one in a while when I have cold water on my hand it like all like the pain extends All the way up to my elbow and it’s painful a lot of the times it’s not. This is clearly something’s going on. Okay, Wow, what the fudge? Oh It’s not even my hand that hurts, it’s my forearm now. Okay, this is not Raynaud’s This is just me being dramatic. But to be honest, I am serious. This really hurts right now and I don’t know why okay Whatever so, yep, let me just go I’m actually gonna do this experiment with less cold water. So, excuse me. There we go Just like a nice typical cold water. You know, not one with ice. There we go. There we go This is like when you turn the faucet on and you’re like, oh, that’s cold. We’ll make it hotter This is not like holy shit. Like chop my hand off, please. Okay, I’m dramatic. I’m a dramatic person So, let’s see if it does turn white. I know when I’m filming It probably won’t it’s also not like I feel like you know what I mean it’s like right when you want to show something it doesn’t work but also it’s not wintery at the moment but uh It’s I don’t know. I feel like there’s like certain conditions When I’m like more prone to actually experience it So like towards the end of the day When I’ve been experiencing blood pooling like throughout the day just not that moment. I’m more likely to get it that day I don’t know. There’s like predisposing times. I guess. I really don’t know Okay. So right now I am not experiencing Raynaud’s at all. This is totally normal. So why don’t we stick it in some hot water and See if anything happens. This is like, you know, the return of blood flow that feels so nice. That’s not like hot It’s a little warm. Oh, I’m like feeling tingles in one of my fingers. Like I feel like blood is like hanging out there Okay, I sound so weird. I’m so sorry I’m like a little hyper and I do want to say like Raynaud’s is pretty painful sometimes other times It’s not that painful, but it’s okay. The number one worst condition. Oh, my mom gets it too – The worst condition for me is the same worse condition that it is for my mom which is when it’s cold outside and it’s raining That is the absolute worst and I’m holding an umbrella. Oh My god, you know hurts so badly. I just can’t even okay. Oh my god, this feels so good Okay, I mean Potential- a smidgen maybe a smidgen so I mean it there’s nothing that’s happening Oh, this is like a smidgen red so I think it makes it look like maybe I have some right there But I don’t like this is not at all right now. It’s like it’s not painful. It’s just this is just my normal hand. Um So I guess it just didn’t work right now, but that’s totally expected. I mean, it doesn’t happen every single time But it does tend to happen a lot in the winter. The winter is horrible If you have Raynaud’s, and it definitely gets really really painful sometimes Anyway, maybe I’ll try this again another time, but honestly, I think you get the picture even if it didn’t happen in this circumstance And I don’t know, if I were to give you something some some good tips for what to do when you have Raynaud’s, hand warmers in your pocket so good – the ones you can reuse, they’re just really good and I mean gloves that’s an obvious one, but like gloves don’t really work all the time like your hands still freezing like Crazy freezing and I could still get Raynaud’s through my gloves. I get it all the time through my gloves Yeah, mainly hand-warmers – that’s my advice. Alright, Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video even though my experiment did not work, but it’s fine So I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye