[TRICKS] How to Memorize Hypertension Drug Suffix

October 10, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

Okay, my name is Claire and I’m the
founder of StudentRDH and SmarterDA. Today I want to talk about
five drugs, okay, five drugs that are going to be probably in your examination.
You know every patient is taking something in our examination and
hypertension is a very common medical condition in North America. Sorry, I’m
bending at the same time trying to show the drugs so let’s try to be okay with
this setting, If you can see this or hear me please give me a thumbs up, so I know. This is live and you can hear me correctly. Because, we already have some
viewers, that’s awesome! So let’s start right now with the generic drug. So you
know this one, so you can’t see my face anymore but here it is this drug it ends
with -olol, like this one atenolol, so when you see this drug, do you know
what this is used for? Do you know what category of hypertension drug this is?
Well, this is how you’re going to memorize it because in StudentRDH I’m
trying to give you a lot of tips of how to memorize things easier, so your life
is just a little easier, and you pass the board examinations. So quickly here I
would just turn this around okay and do this okay so -olol but like kind of
you’re looking in a mirror in the opposite direction and then what that gives you
is a B and a B. What is this a beta blocker. You understand, so if you see this, reverse it and say, okay this is a beta blocker. Easy to remember, right? Now let’s look at this -pine, PINE, it ends like this like this drug you see and
you’ll see a lot in your examination. So here, how do I know that this is a calcium
channel blocker? What I do is, and this has nothing to do with the real facts but
I just think about Cal, California. Okay, and then I think about a beautiful
pine tree that I saw in California, and this is how the memory works, the weirder it is, like Alice in Wonderland, the better it is and this I’m forcing it a
little bit, that’s telling you California when public pine trees are not really in
California but at least you can remember Claire told me this stupid story that there was a lot of pine trees in California which is not even true. So when I see pine, okay
now this pine tree you may remember sorry not CAL but calcium channel
blocker because you need to know those categories for the pharmacology part
of examination also is for examination probably. Okay -IDE, things that ends with
IDE such as this drug or diuretic how do you know this is a diuretic well just
find a clue right here you see the “D” and this “I” and spell diuretic DI, sorry, the marker is dying and I’m going to skip the rest of the spelling
but do you see the DI and you see it here and the memory is all about finding
clues to how to memorize this like when you’re driving you are turning right and
you’re turning left and you remember this building. You remember that you have
your coffee with this friend at this coffee shop then remember that the
McDonald’s was there and then you remember, okay the school, my new
school is kind of around the corner so you have to find markers and this is
what we just did find the marker IDE while you find the D and the I and
you’re like okay this is a diuretic. I hope this make sense if it does give
it a thumbs up or something so I know this is going well, okay next almost to
the end -pril, PRIL like in this drug lisinopril. You’ll see this a lot in
your actual medical conditions of your, thank you for the thumbs up, in the
school examination but also in clinics so how do I know that this is related to
an ace inhibitor. Well this is just what I
do, I see -pril and I feel like there’s one
letter that’s missing in this part we have January, February, March, and April
and I know this letter “A” is going to give me the code that this is an ACE Inhibitor. Does that make sense? Again things that has nothing to do with real facts
but things are going to help you remember. Okay, the last one is -tan how do I know that this is a ARB? Well, what does ARB sounds like? It actually sounds
like arm to me, ARM like my arm, my right arm I’m writing with, and if you can
see I have a slight tan, okay, it’s summer right now I try really hard to tan
better I’m not a good Tanner actually I turn red and turn you know like I lose
my colors again so now I remember things that end with -tan, TAN, you know this is a
ARB. you think about the arms. So let me just let me just recap really quickly
right now, -olol you write it opposite like you’re in the mirror and it’s going
to give you an -olol and if you put those two together there’s going to be a
B and a B, drugs that end with this are beta-blockers. -PINE like this drug, how do
I know that this is a calcium channel blocker? Well, pine, I think about California I saw massive land of pine, doesn’t make
sense again but you think is, just imagine that and you can you mention
that I actually lied to you because I don’t even know about that. You’re going
to remember in your exam, you see this I said, okay I remember the stupid thing
Claire told me this is California okay starts with calcium channel blocker
now, -IDE it’s about finding the clues where you see them you see the D, and the I, you could say okay this is a diuretic -PRIL this is an ACE inhibitor because I
feel like there’s a letter that’s missing here which was the “A” gives
me the clue of ACE. And then the last one -tan, okay now remember my arm is tan or hopefully your arm is a little more tan than mine and you think about arm
which is going to translate into ARB. I hope this all makes sense to you and
if you have any questions you can always email me at [email protected] and if you know more, if you want to know more about the dental
hygiene boards, you can of course go to the website, studentrdh.com and
find the mini reviews or you can see some goals that are posted already and
i’m going to do this again on youtube so you can watch it again and again without
the whiteboard but me. actually with some power points so it’s actually a little
easier to do but i was trying to engage you guys, and if you have any questions
right now, you can do it you can just put a comment on it saying, you know I liked
it, I understand. Now I understand things a little better, I can memorize it or if
you don’t, you know, that’s why, let me know and I’ll come up with better things
to do for you to memorize things because my job at StudentRDH is not just
be the founder and the CEO but will it help you be successful on your
examination. So if you have any questions you post it right now or later and I’ll
make sure to come back to join the group and talk about this so I want to try to
do more live videos now because I think that’s the thing that everybody’s doing
and I hope I am okay doing with that and again my name is Claire, my email is [email protected] Thank you for watching and I hope you memorize those
hypertension drugs what they end with and how you can remember what they do. Alright, thank you guys