UFC’s Dan Miragliotta: Heart Attack and Quadruple Bypass Surgery – Why? 🍖  🍕

UFC’s Dan Miragliotta: Heart Attack and Quadruple Bypass Surgery – Why? 🍖 🍕

August 16, 2019 14 By Bertrand Dibbert

what’s going on my lovely free melon
family thank you so much for joining me again
I am Eli martyr and I wanted to share a little update with you that that I came
across recently it turns out that last February or just this past February one
of the most recognizable and prominent and best referees in the business
UFC referee Dan Miragliotta had a heart attack and was required to have a
quadruple bypass surgery now Dan miragliotta has a reputation of being you
know very very commanding presence you know big guy you know he’s your average
manly manly man really big really thick muscles super super strong guy no one
messes with Denver Guate if you don’t know who he is I can flash
some pictures on the screen for you. Now I don’t know him personally at all I’m
just going off of the image that is generally conveyed of Dan Miragliotta big
hulking strapping man right and yeah like I said Dan had a heart attack and
needed to have quadruple bypass surgery. Now the reason I’m sharing this with you is
because I didn’t see any buzz at all about this
no headlines no news anything like that not that there should be I mean it’s not
something to be celebrated or whatnot but I just thought it was curious
because Dan Miragliotta is just such a huge figure in the UFC world and so I
thought there’d be more information maybe articles about what he was eating
maybe someone had interviewed him you know what were you eating how was your
diet why did you have the heart attack but but there’s none of that none of
that anywhere so I tried to look and I can’t find it any of that
information so that being said if anyone has any further information on this
please feel free to either correct me or leave comments and let me know you know
what exactly happened so right now we can only kind of speculate but I was
curious and I went on Dan’s Instagram page and well this is this is what we
find now of course when someone has a heart attack
especially requiring a quadruple bypass surgery
what that tells us right away without knowing anything about the diet what we
can know for absolute certain is that the diet was garbage okay
you simply cannot have a massive accrual of fats and wastes and cholesterol in
the arteries more than one artery without your diet being garbage. Natural
law will not allow sickness and disease to accumulate in the body if you do not
implement the conditions that bring that about okay so it’s just not the way
natural law works so obviously something was happening in dan’s diet and his life
that was causing this accumulation so I got curious I looked at his Instagram
just to see if I could find anything and here I’ll put it up on the screen for
you if you’re not familiar with who Dan is then here take a look at this you
know as you can see big strapping burly man’s man here he is doing ads for a
supplement company of some sort hitting the gym training fighters you know so
okay so here’s Dan’s page and the first thing I notice is he’s into fishing
really really really into fishing avid fisherman yeah so right away that that’s
that’s not good that’s not healthy shouldn’t be shouldn’t be eating dead
animals there’s this thing where people imagine that fish is a clean source a
clean source of meat I don’t know where that comes from fish is one of one it’s
all dirty but fish is just as dirty just as filthy as any other type of meat
there is no such thing absolutely no such thing as a clean piece of of
rotting tissue rotting flesh right. Fish is loaded with fat loaded with poisons
there’s so I don’t know where this thing comes from where we think fish is clean
but anyway that’s off topic let’s continue here so scrolling down we see
Oh what’s this okay we’ve got looks can be so (incoherent)
so he’s eating pork belly burnt ends with Chipotle and honey
apparently it’s simply mouth-watering he’s also got a beef brisket ready to go
at some point okay so I mean obviously if he’s posting this he is a meat-eater
and he enjoys meat and you saw the seasonings and whatnot so you know we
can make a fair assumption that if you’ve posted this on Instagram this is
part of a diet that you are at least comfortable eating so that tells us
something already so we can scroll down a bit more
I guess he’s sponsored by Apollo Nutrition I’m not I’m not entirely
certain but you know what we’re talking man-made synthetic synthetic chemicals
and protein drinks and there’s nutritional nonsense essentially bred
standard stuff you know okay so here we’ve got a garbage can chalk full of
artificial man-made stimulating pieces of nutritional nonsense I know lots of
people think these things are great yeah you could probably take these
supplements and it will literally stimulate your muscles into possibly new
growth by water retention or or sodium you like lots of sodium content so
there’s fluid retention or hormones what I don’t know what’s in this but I can
tell you absolutely for sure but eating this stuff is not good for your health
regardless of the effect it has on your physical muscles whether it stimulates
them into being puffy or or gives you a temporary boost of energy kind of like
coffee wood right I mean this is all fake it’s not real and physiologically
these things are very damaging and if he’s into these kind of things well this
it’s not helping okay let’s go further yeah so we’ve got you know more more
meat meat meat meat texas-style BBQ we got some eggs here you know it’s not
it’s not really that difficult to see what’s going on and it’s funny because
if we look at the most recent photo he’s going fishing again and if that means
after the heart attack that he’s going right back to eating fish and meat or
whatever it is then unfortunately you know natural laws once again gonna catch
up with these these habits anyway we don’t need to go
into this more but yeah so you get the idea
now if there’s one thing that’s been proven conclusively for more than a
hundred years now is that a high intake a diet full of meats all right and
dairies and processed grains and processed foods these kill you, they
cause disease, they cause encumbrance that causes a buildup of acidic wastes
that increase the degree of toxemia in your tissues that cause limph stagnation, they cause a slowing down of the blood flow every single meal that you eat the
second if if you eat a high meat high meat meal if you were to measure your
blood flow from anywhere from one to four hours after you eat a big steak
meal or a heavy meat meal your blood flow would be shown to be drastically
reduced do you imagine that it was an overconsumption of broccoli that gave
him the quadruple bypass? perhaps he was eating too many grapes and it
gave him an acute bout of hyper “phytonutrient-emia”? no no no perhaps
there was an overindulgence of oranges which gave him another acute attack of
“antioxidant-oma”? no no no man he’s eating the things that humans are not
supposed to be eating and when you violate the laws of nature you pay the
consequences that is the only way nature operates the universe operates on a
principle of unshakable, immutable, binding law. It always works the exact
same way every second of every day since the beginning of time
there is nothing random in creation in the universe nothing
anything that to you and I seems random is simply natural law unrecognized
okay there is law behind everything if randomness were an inherent part of
creation and natural law and that means I could walk from here to the store one
day and be fine and then the next day I walk from here to the store again
all of a sudden my personal gravity just inverts itself and I just go floating up
into the air and then I fall for no reason and then on my way back from the
store I realize there’s a rhinoceros tusk growing out of my arm whoa what the
hell is that? No, the universe would be chaos if it was not governed by law
so I’m sharing this story not not because of any personal thing against
Dan Miragliotta, I love I love watching the guy he’s great so it’s just it’s just an
example, just an example to show you that it doesn’t matter how big it doesn’t
matter how tough you are it doesn’t matter how big the muscles are it
doesn’t matter how ostensibly healthy you are what matters is the internal
physiological chemistry that you are working with and if that is compromised
then it really doesn’t matter all the air of strength and vitality that you’re
that that is it’s all for naught for all of you guys that are into health and
fitness and whatnot out there how did you feel last time you had a flu or
fever and whatnot what what happened to all that vibrancy all that vitality that
you felt like garbage you felt like you feel weak you feel like nothing is more
crippling than bad health and every other physical characteristic that you
might have considered good is completely undermined when bad health strikes or at
least the effects of bad health so you know it’s just I mean this is also kind
of just a warning right a warning you your body cannot sustain this kind of
stuff long long term right oils and seasonings and salts on top of dead
rotting carcasses that have been there for ages and then the poisoning on top
of that and then refined grain products and then mixing all of that in the same
meal oh my god are you kidding me your body cannot sustain this you’ll
have a Fross chlorotic plaques building up in your arteries you’re gonna have
you know renal damage kidney damage on and on it goes so anyway I wish for the
best for dad I pray for his good health and I hope that he actually learns from
from this mistake and cuts out the meat and and all the junk that apparently
he’s been eating and I also hope that for people
that are new to this channel that’s Dan’s story serves as a as a wake-up
call as a reminder to you that you you cannot abuse your body with things that
are not meant for you and escape the consequences it’s simply impossible
you’re not a carnivore you are not carnivores and if you think you are and
you’re trying to eat like one nature is gonna punish you anyway like I said
before these are just observations that I can make off of what’s publicly
available on Instagram and whatnot if anyone has any updates or Corrections or
you know if I’m wrong about any of this please you know let me know but as far
as I can tell it seems pretty obvious that if you are eating meats and spices
and seasonings and garbage processed foods and you have quadruple bypass
surgery well it’s likely that the two are inextricably linked together thank
you so much for joining me guys I hope this tragedy inspires you to be very
very clean and fastidious with your diet I wish you happy help happy life and
I’ll see you next time on the freedom Island society you