What Could Cause Shortness of Breath? Could You Have High Blood Pressure?

November 8, 2019 0 By Bertrand Dibbert

what’s up go natural crew Nina pop here
welcome home welcome back to my channel today we are discussing high blood
pressure so we’re gonna talk about the symptoms the causes and of course I am
NOT gonna leave you all hanging we are also going to discuss some natural
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and subscribing ok let’s get into today’s topic so the only way to really
know if you have high blood pressure is of course to go to the doctor but also
you can go to Walgreens Walgreens they tell you for free and so your numbers
should be like 120 over 80 from what I researched now fun fact in me
researching this topic I realized hmmm nina pop you may have high blood
pressure I’ve been really struggling with some of these symptoms and I just
thought I needed to drink more water that leads me to let you all know that the
average person don’t even realize that they may have high blood pressure or
that their blood pressure had spiked I’m gonna share with you some symptoms just
to kind of let you know if your blood pressure is high okay let’s get started
so if your blood pressure is extremely high some of the symptoms that you may
have is a headache fatigue vision problems chest pain difficulty breathing
irregular heartbeat shortness of breath blood in your urine you need to go to the doctor pounding in your chest your neck behind your ears those are all
symptoms that you may have high blood pressure now for some
causes of high blood pressure as I said in the previous video on vaping and
smoking one of the symptoms of that is high blood pressure which led to this
video one of the causes is of course smoking another cause is being over
weight lack of physical activity too much salt too much alcohol or too much
stress okay those are things that we want to limit and now let’s get into
some natural solutions so I wanted to first go over some essential oils that
you can use to naturally just lower your blood pressure now I’m not gonna go over
all of them cuz the video will be too long but what I would do is list some of
them and then I’ll probably go into like more details over there on Instagram
okay @NinapopWilliams now look as much as our love essential oils these
are only suggestions but one of the main oils that I learned actually helped with
blood pressure mainly because it helps reduce your stress is bergamot it helps
lower your heart rate lower your blood pressure and of course relieve stress so
this is a good oil to have frankincense which I don’t have yet is supposed to be
able to help reduce your stress levels and regulate your heart as well the next
one is lemon oil now lemon oil is supposed to be a natural way to relieve
your stress depression and in return support lowering your blood pressure
and lastly lavender one of my favorites now lavender has some really calming
properties it can reduce your heart rate reduce stress and reduce your anxiety so
those oils are really good natural ways to just really reduce your stress and
get your blood pressure back to its normal numbers some other oils is like
cedarwood Clary sage helichrysum I think I’m saying that right lime rose and
ylang ylang now you can apply these oils topically like in a roller blend you can
diffuse these oils or you can even like rub them in lotion and apply them to you as well now as I discussed in the vaping video
which led to this video I’m ways to naturally reduce your blood pressure is
to of course quit smoking if you are trying to quit smoking go check out that
video because I also share some natural solutions on how to quit smoking that
you can try ok so quit smoking is one of them of course
which is a foreign language to me but reduce your stress right now essential
oils are my go-to to calm my stress level down if you did not see that video
then I’ll leave it linked right here you want to reduce the sodium intake you
also want to you know increase your physical activity I used to work with
kids so I’ll run around them all day but once I quit my job to start my own
business I’m like well now what you can dance you can walk you could just do anything
to just get that heart rate pumping and also eat more berries so that leads me
to some natural foods that you can eat to lower your blood pressure okay
berries like blueberries and strawberries especially our natural ways
to reduce your blood pressure I had no idea y’all I really didn’t I’m not to
have all kind of berries smoothies another fruit is bananas now bananas
have potassium and potassium reduces the effect of sodium and alleviates tension
in the walls of the blood vessels in my favorite y’all my friends gonna judge me
with that’s okay I know is somebody out here that could relate to this love oh
my goodness if you loved this one please let me know in the comments down
below I got a no I am NOT alone and if you don’t mind sharing your age let me
know cuz people swear there is something wrong with me beet juice y’all beet
juice I love beets oh my goodness I just love beets so much
okay so beets actually is a good way to help reduce your risk of high blood
pressure just try to drink a cup of beet juice for about four weeks and let me
know how you feel okay my next favorite is watermelon watermelon have y’all ever just blended
watermelon it is so good oh my goodness I just drink you like juice okay
watermelon is a good fruit to help naturally reduce your risk of high blood
pressure it contains amino acid which is really
good to help manage your blood pressure and another one which is also my
favorite you can eat dark chocolate Oh our prayers have been answered hallelujah we can eat dark chocolate y’all and
blame it on the fact that we are trying to manage our high blood pressure okay
so dark chocolate is another one especially if you have hypertension you
can also eat boring stuff like oats and leafy greens it’s like really rich in
nitrates so two servings a day can really help your life get you some kale
some quinoa and some salmon and live your best life okay and I hope you all
like this video the question of the day is what have you done to keep your blood
pressure at a normal level? Let me know down in the comments below I’m sure it
can probably help someone else or even help me I don’t have all the answers and
I love to know other solutions to problems so help the community comment
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talk to you all in the next video ttyl bye y’all ILY (love y’all)